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We have an extensive source of weaving setup of Sulzer Shuttleless Looms of 110”, 130” and 153”, And AirJet Looms producing a verity of fabrics in different weaves. Our policy is based on strict quality control through out the weaving process as well as the mending and finishing of fabrics.  Flawless weaving, best quality of yarn and unmatched finishing and packing is our forte.


We can print / dye on latest imported machines starting from sienging to burn dead fibers on fabric to eliminate pilling. After sienging the fabric is desized and kept on the revolving stations for 16 to 20 hours. This process ensures the removal of sizing agent and starch from the fabric. Bleaching on open width continuous bleaching plants for batching we use latest Bruckner stenters.


We can dye in reactive, vat and pigment dyes. For solid colors we recommend to use Babcock Thermosole dyeing machine. However, pastel and medium colors are achieved on both thermosole and jigger jet and IR dyeing machines.


We can print pigment and reactive for both rotary and flatbed printing. From latest Zimmer rotary we can print up to 20 colors in narrow and up to 14 colors in wider width 120”. We can print 3 repeats 25”, 32” and 36”.


100% cotton fabric is mercerizing to achieve following in the fabric for dyeing. Dye affinity, Brilliancy, Dimensional stability. These factors ensure consistent dyeing quality.


Our stitching division is comprising of following machines e.g. sewing machines including single needle, safety, double needle, double needle gathering, button hole and button machines, stud machine, cuff making.